La Raza is taking the COVID-19 seriously!

Our staff is following CDC best practices for food preparation and there is no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted via food.

Out of caution and concern for our community, La Raza has taken the following steps:

First, team members are washing their hands and changing their gloves more frequently during service, as recommended 

Second, we are increasing the frequency of sanitizing and disinfecting common surfaces throughout the day

Third, all utensils and condiments will no longer be self-serve and will be provided upon request

Fourth, we have instructed our staff not to touch others – no hugs, no handshakes. Sorry :-/

Fifth, for our Catering orders we are including a couple of sets of latex gloves and a pair of disposable tongs and we are advising that you designate one (or two) of your people to be the servers – minimizing the number of folks handling the food

Our aim is to feed our communities delicious, healthy food made from locally sourced, delicious ingredients. People still want and need to eat healthy. The best way to stay well is to remain fit and strong and to continue a healthy practice of wellness and good eating. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at